Activating capital to address key challenges across food, land, water, energy and community.

The Impact Idaho Fund was formed to balance the urgency of action with the discipline of systems-learning; implementing a new investment model that disrupts and redirects traditional flows of capital toward building community resilience.

Impact Idaho Fund Theory of Change


31,500 pounds of locally consumed food produced.

Nearly 40 acres of land cultivated using regenerative practices.

Promoted job creation & economic prosperity through $120,000 of committed investment dollars.

Protected water quality through expanded farming practices that reduce nutrient run-off into the nearby watersheds.

Avoided approximately 20,118 lbs. of carbon dioxide equivalents by selling produce locally through reduced transportation alone.


"Working with the Sun Valley Institute and having the opportunity to increase our impact on our community has been a life-changing experience for us. We have learned that positive outcomes can be made with relatively small effort and that so much good comes from looking outward to our community."

Emily knowles, itty bitty Farms

Types of Companies We Finance

At Impact Idaho Fund we provide local businesses and non-profits with mission-aligned low interest and no-interest loans to grow their businesses. We currently focus on working with companies and farms increasing local food production and availability and implementing regenerative land management practices in Southern Idaho.

A Regional Approach

Since the Fund’s launch in January 2021, we have received requests for funding from nine Idaho counties. The Impact Idaho Fund operates regionally because that scope allows us to deeply understand the interconnections and opportunities that will drive a stronger, climate-resilient future.

Requests for IIF Capital

Since the Fund’s launch, there has been a total of $3.4m requested by applicants to IIF. This demonstrates a large gap in financing for companies in the region that meet our impact criteria and goals in the regenerative agriculture sector, local food production and other areas of resilience the fund is currently serving. These are immediate opportunities to tackle climate change at a regional scale. Moving beyond the Pilot phase, we are seeing an acceleration in the number of entrepreneurs submitting applications. We need new donors and investors to respond to these opportunities.

Beyond the Pilot

The Pilot has shown that investment in regional food and agriculture businesses leads to direct resilience impact. The Impact Idaho Fund has financed $385,000 in no-interest and low interest loans to applicants that meet our financial and impact criteria. Now that the Pilot funds have been distributed, we are raising capital to build a permanent fund to address the large unmet need for mission-aligned capital in the community. Your powerful support will go directly to increasing the impact of existing portfolio companies, as we continue to finance their growth, as well as future portfolio companies. New donor and investor dollars will fund projects that address areas such as further processing, regional distribution and local food access.


Current Funded Projects

Ironwood Mycology

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Ironwood Mycology is a sustainable mushroom farm, producing for the Wood River Valley.

Koborewa Corn Meal

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Koborewa Corn Meal grows and mills African varieties of corn for sale in Boise, Idaho.

Lookout Farm

Lookout Farm is a farm operation in Bellevue that specializes in seasonal vegetables and leafy greens.

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Wild Spaces Farm

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Wild Spaces Farm is a grass-fed, organic, micro-dairy in Glenns Ferry that produces raw and minimally pasteurized products for southern Idaho communities.

Sustainable Meats

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Sustainable Meats is a multi-species meat processing facility in Kuna, Idaho. The facility is a subsidiary of American Ostrich Farms.

Completed Projects

Itty Bitty Farms

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Itty Bitty Farms is a farm, greenhouse and storefront in Carey that specializes in micro greens, salad greens, herbs and other vegetables.

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Guiding Principles

We have strong relationships with local farmers and deep knowledge in the local and regional food system built through our Food & Farm program, the Local Food Alliance.  We are deeply familiar with local investing and able to provide the technical assistance required to prepare borrowers for financing.

Impact investors provide capital for resilience businesses

Funding Objectives

Impact Idaho Fund objectives are primarily aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals 2 – Zero Hunger – and 11 – Sustainable Communities. In pursuit of more resilient, regionalized food and agriculture systems, the Impact Idaho Fund Pilot will also consider critical impacts on land, water and energy resources.

SVIR envisions a resilient community with a nourishing regional food system, a healthy environment and a vibrant and equitable economy. Through the Impact Idaho Fund, SVIR catalyzes capital for regional resilience projects that advance local food security.

Funding Model

Funding Model for Impact Idaho Fund model

This project has been supported by the taxpayers of Blaine County through the Land, Water & Wildlife Program.