The Impact Idaho Fund attracts and mobilizes mission-driven capital for innovative projects advancing community resilience in Central and Southern Idaho. Investments target the buildout of regenerative, renewable and sustainable practices related to food and farm, land, water and energy use.

Over $300,000 available to fund resilience projects in Idaho.

Thousands of pounds of nutritious whole foods are being added to the local food system.


""With the launch of the Impact Idaho Fund, SVIR has taken their support of local farms to a new level.  Because of this program's help, we've accelerated our timeline for converting more land from hay production to vegetables. It's a big boost for our farm."

Briana Swette, Lookout Farm

“I am looking forward to continuing the ongoing friendship and working relationship with this group of people who share my ideology. As I launch the dairy, it is incredibly valuable to be part of a team and not feel like I have to go at it alone.”

Wilder Jones, Wild Spaces Farm

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Guiding Principles

We have strong relationships with local farmers and deep knowledge in the local and regional food system built through our Food & Farm program, the Local Food Alliance.  We are deeply familiar with local investing and able to provide the technical assistance required to prepare borrowers for financing.

Impact investors provide capital for resilience businesses

Funding Objectives

Impact Idaho Fund objectives are primarily aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals 2 – Zero Hunger – and 11 – Sustainable Communities. In pursuit of more resilient, regionalized food and agriculture systems, the Impact Idaho Fund Pilot will also consider critical impacts on land, water and energy resources.

SVIR envisions a resilient community with a nourishing regional food system, a healthy environment and a vibrant and equitable economy. Through the Impact Idaho Fund, SVIR catalyzes capital for regional resilience projects that advance local food security.

Funding Model

Funding Model for Impact Idaho Fund model

Funded Projects

Itty Bitty Farms

Impact Idaho Fund Recipient Itty Bitty Farms

Itty Bitty Farms is a farm and greenhouse operation with an on-farm retail store in Carey. Through dollars from the Impact Idaho Fund, Itty Bitty were able to  increase their growing space by 800 square feet and extend their growing season by 2-4 months, resulting in approximately 10,000 additional pounds of produce grown per season. The investment also funded innovative weed management tools, which will limit chemical use and enable more efficient growing operations, and a cold storage unit for the on-farm retail store, which will expand access to affordable produce, meat, and dairy in a food-scarce community.

Lookout Farm

Impact Idaho Fund recipient Lookout Farm

Lookout Farm is a vegetable farm and CSA in Bellevue. Lookout used the investment from the Impact Idaho Fund to design and execute an improved hay-to-vegetable transition process for 2 acres. This transition will not only scale up local food production but also reduce water consumption by 90%. The project will also be used as a model for future land-use transitions by other local farmers in the region.

Wild Spaces Farm

Wild Spaces Farm is a new micro-dairy based in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. The small dairy operation run by Wilder Jones focuses on supplying raw milk and dairy products to southern and central Idaho. Jones, a generational organic farmer, has launched this dairy operation to fill a gap in the local food economy. The investment by the Impact Idaho Fund will assist Wild Spaces Farm in building necessary infrastructure including a milking barn and processing parlor, as well as acquiring the animals, equipment and certification necessary for a small-scale dairy operatio

This project has been supported by the taxpayers of Blaine County through the Land, Water & Wildlife Program.