The purpose of Sun Valley Institute for Resilience is to advance community resilience in Idaho’s Wood River Valley region by educating, investing and collaborating to ensure that the economy, environment and people thrive.


Idaho Gives is May 1st to 4th. A gift now helps get local food on every plate in our community. Idaho Gives challenges the residents of Idaho  to support the organizations that make our communities strong! Are you ready to make this our most successful Idaho Gives?

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Locally Grown Guide

Published annually, the free Wood River Valley Locally Grown Guide connects residents and visitors to high-quality seasonal food produced in our regional foodshed.

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Impact Idaho Fund

The Impact Idaho Fund attracts and mobilizes mission-driven capital for innovative projects advancing community resilience in central and southern Idaho.

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5B Resilient

5B Resilient enhances access to climate action resources, increases community and individual skills that promote self-reliance, and increases visibility of existing and new opportunities for resilience related actions.

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The Elevated Table

In the field at the beautiful Squash Blossom Farm in Bellevue, you will sample four courses prepared by chefs deeply rooted in our local food system!

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The Problems We Face

Over 90% of the food we eat is imported and 95% of the agricultural products we produce are exported?

On average, the next vegetable you eat traveled over 1,500 miles from farm to your plate.

For every dollar spent on food, on average, the farmer only receives 15 cents.

The food choices we make daily have the power to shift our economic, environmental, and personal health.


"As a relatively new farm, we are so grateful for the work SVIR has already done with the Locally Grown Guide and Elevated Table farm-to-table dinner series. But what they're doing with the Impact Idaho Fund is the next level."

Briana Swette, Lookout Farm

“Community is about people and place. Among our biggest challenges locally and globally is to create stable and sustainable economies while practicing responsible stewardship of our most essential resources like water and energy. This is the nature of resiliency. What we learn and accomplish here can have the broadest applications.”

Larry Schoen, four-term blaine county commissioner

“We greatly appreciate Sun Valley Institute and Local Food Alliance's unwavering support of local food producers. The Wood River Farmers Market Association is excited to continue our partnership and we look forward to future local food accomplishments."

Katie Zubia, Wood River Farmers Market Board President

“There may be no greater concern for investors than climate risk, yet very few have begun taking the next step – consideration about resilience. The Sun Valley Institute for Resilience is pioneering this discussion like no other."

Dana Lanza, CEO and Co-founder, confluence philanthropy

“Everywhere I travel, inside the United States and worldwide, I’m finding small communities struggling to figure out how to meet basic needs of food, energy, water, and so forth in a world that appears more wobbly and uncertain every day. The Sun Valley Institute for Resilience holds the promise of providing them much needed hope, ideas, and guidance.”

Michael Shuman, Director of Local Economy Programs for Neighborhood Associates Corporation

“Our parents and students both loved the SPROUT Kits you provided. The kids have been coming to school all week to give reports on their bean salsa and planting activities! What a great way for families to interact with our local food system.”

SPROUT Kit Participant

Open the possibility for resilience at farms and businesses.

Build relationships through collaboration!

Make an investment in our community!

Sun Valley Institute for Resilience Programs & Initiatives

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Give Money

Your contribution will support our Impact Idaho Fund and Local Food Alliance projects. Contact Annie to learn more.

Give Time

We need volunteers to help us put on our local events, join with our community partners and share knowledge through 5B Resilience Gardens. Contact Amy if you'd like to be added to our volunteer list.

Give In-Kind

Gardening knowledge, event logistics, graphic design and photography, your skills can help further the effort to build community resilience in the Wood River Valley. Contact us if you have a particular skill that you would like to contribute.

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