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July 23-26, 2019



Turning Risk Into Opportunity

The Sun Valley Institute (SVI) is a catalyst for lasting quality of place, advancing economic, ecological and social resilience by pioneering transformative solutions, driving awareness and convening leaders and innovators for global and local impact.

As economic interdependence and environmental disruptions critically threaten quality of life around the world, SVI transforms economic, environmental, and social challenges into opportunities and prosperity. Locally, the Institute has initially focused on food, energy and land use: Blaine County is one of the most expensive counties in the country for food, so we are increasing local food production and distribution, working with our schools, restaurants, stores, and farmers. We are increasing local energy production and making critical emergency and communications infrastructure more secure. And we are building new land-use strategies that restore and benefit nature, produce local food and energy, provide housing and otherwise contribute to the community. SVI scales its impact by serving as a resource to other communities and by gathering hundreds of global innovators at our acclaimed annual Sun Valley Forum, connecting ideas, catalyzing partnerships and mobilizing capital. SVI is making Blaine County the place where global innovators want to gather and share strategies, pilot new efforts, and together, accelerate impact.

Why Sun Valley?

From the Native Americans, miners, and ranchers of Sun Valley’s early days to the Union Pacific engineers who built the world’s first chairlift to those who challenge themselves in its mountains and rivers today, Sun Valley is about history and tradition, grit* and perseverance, well-being and happiness. The risks, values, and assets of Sun Valley make it the perfect home for an institute dedicated to resilience.

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  • Words from the Community

    “As a resident of the Wood River Valley for over two decades, I am excited about the Sun Valley Institute’s efforts on behalf of this very special place. I have also been a member of the Board of Directors of NRG Energy since 2003. As a leading independent power producer and the largest solar power developer in the U.S., NRG is committed to innovative, renewable solutions and a commitment to sustainability and overall resilience.”
    — John Chlebowski, Lead Independent Director, NRG Yield Co., Inc. and founding Advisory Board Member, SVIR

  • Words from the Community

    “The Idaho Conservation League’s focus on Idaho’s natural capital brings us in contact with extraordinary people and ideas. In a time of increasing environmental risks and threats, solutions will be found in harnessing human capital, often on a local level, and the Valley is a recognized center creativity and energy, We’re pleased to play a part in this new endeavor.”
    — Rick Johnson, Executive Director, Idaho Conservation League

  • Words from the Community

    “For the past decade, Wild Gift has been providing unconventional support to young talented social entrepreneurs with big out-of the box “wild” ideas to create a more resilient and sustainable world. There is nothing more powerful than combining these brilliant minds with backing from a community embracing real change to transform the world. Wild Gift is pleased to partner with the Sun Valley Institute for Resilience as we work towards this common mission.”
    — Deborah Knapp, Executive Director, Wild Gift

  • Words from the Community

    “By highlighting and supporting both the for-profit projects led by businesses and investors, and the work of local non-profits, the Institute will work to attract capital investment into the community. The Institute’s activities may include providing support for non-profits whose missions improve our communities’ resilience, for example, cost effective alternatives to pesticides, or they may include partnering to create financing products that enable economically competitive solar installations on homes and commercial buildings. Investment opportunities may include funding local greenhouses, community solar projects, or the deployment of water conservation technology. Improving local food and energy production, and managing water scarcity in the face of growth, are just some areas of focus the board has discussed.  The portfolio of investments should be competitive in our current economic landscape, with asymmetrically higher potential economic, social, and/or environmental benefits should that landscape change.”
    — Werner Morawitz, investment adviser and founding Board Member, SVIR

  • Words from the Community

    “I retired to this area from a career in the energy industry. I’m committed, as are other SVIR board members, to reducing our carbon footprint, to energy efficiency, to renewable energy, in short to energy resilience. The Institute will help us focus on these issues, test, import and create best practices and export success stories. But it will reach far beyond energy into water, health, food and communications, all of which are critical to a vibrant and resilient economy. And we hope what we do here in Sun Valley will reach far beyond our geographic area.”
    — Alan Richardson, Former CEO, American Public Power Association, co-founder and founding Board Member, SVIR

  • Words from the Community

    “Community is about people and place. Among our biggest challenges locally and globally is to create stable and sustainable economies while practicing responsible stewardship of our most essential resources like water and energy. This is the nature of resiliency. What we learn and accomplish here can have the broadest applications.”
    — Larry Schoen, four-term Blaine County Commissioner, farmer, Chairman of the Idaho Association of Counties’ Environment, Energy and Land Use Committee, Member of the National Association of Counties’ Environment, Energy and Land Use Steering Committee and Rural Action Caucus; founding Advisory Board Member, SVIR

  • Words from the Community

    “Everywhere I travel, inside the United States and worldwide, I’m finding small communities struggling to figure out how to meet basic needs of food, energy, water, and so forth in a world that appears more wobbly and uncertain every day. The Sun Valley Institute for Resilience holds the promise of providing them much-needed hope, ideas, and guidance.”
    — Michael Shuman, Author of Local Dollars, Local Sense and Fellow, Cutting Edge Capital and Post Carbon Institute

  • Words from the Community

    “Thanks to an all-star team, Sun Valley has become a hub of bottom up innovation in America. I’m thrilled to be involved.”
    — Peter Sims, Author of Little Bets and True North, co-founder of The Silicon Guild, and founder of The BLK SHP (“black sheep”) Foundation, founding Advisory Board Member, SVIR