Local Food Alliance envisions a thriving community where people are nourished by fresh locally and regionally grown food every day. Their initiatives, 5B Resilience Gardens and the Wood River Locally Grown Guide, cultivate collaboration, inspire discovery, and highlight the vibrancy of our local food community.

The Locally Grown Guide drives consumers to purchase more local food, increasing farmer income and helping ensure an ample supply of nourishing food for our community.

5B Resilience Gardens educates and connects our local gardeners on regenerative home gardening practices, fostering stewards of the land, and encouraging the production of a resilient food supply.


"Our stores now carry more local products thanks to the efforts of Local Food Alliance. They have done a fabulous job raising awareness and reinforcing our company’s mission to support and buy local whenever possible."

Peter Atkinson, Atkinsons' Market

"Local Food Alliance...is on and pushing the leading edge of dynamic social and economic changes that are increasingly important in an ever-widening circle of acceptance.”

Larry Schoen, four-term Blaine county Commissioner

“The $5 for Farmers campaign has definitely affected my buying locally. It offers a great way to start the conversation around supporting our local farmers and the importance of our local food system with members of our community.”

muffy davis, idaho state legislator


Community-based food systems strengthen rural economies, enhance the health of individuals and communities, and promote fair labor practices, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. Benefits include:

Increasing viability of family farmers

Preserving farmland for future generations

Enhancing quality of food, place, and life

Reducing the carbon footprint of your plate

Protecting air, water, and biodiversity

Our Initiatives

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Published annually, the free Guide is the only resource that connects residents and visitors to the high-quality seasonal food produced in our regional foodshed.

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