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Currently, our work is focused on leveraging regional food systems and climate smart land management to build community resilience. Our three programs function together to pull strategic levers of change and amplify the power of individual choices and actions. Your donations help us build resilience in every part of our community!


The Impact Idaho Fund has promoted job creation & economic prosperity through $407,000 of committed philanthropic capital.

Wood River Valley Locally Grown Guide provides over 140 food businesses, events and resources with free listings in its print and digital versions.

With the help of our program 5B Resilient, Hailey elementary school students diverted over 3,000 lbs. of food waste from landfills to Winn’s Compost.


“We are so thankful for the enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge that SVIR has brought to the table to collaborate with our grassroots organization while developing this year’s Earth Day Forum, Sustaining Soil in our High Desert Environment. We anticipate that every participant will walk away with a little more inspiration to live more in balance with our fragile environment.”

Elizabeth Jeffrey, Co-founder Climate Action Coalition

"The Locally Grown Guide is an incredible resource for locals and visitors alike on all things local food in the WRV. Whether you’re dining out, shopping and cooking at home, gardening or looking to get involved in local food, the Guide will point you in the right direction to find the best options in our regional food community."

Sara berman, co-owner, Squash Blossom Farm

“The Impact Idaho Fund allowed me to fast track my dreams of creating a micro dairy. I had planned to take the multi year approach of acquiring equipment and cows. Receiving the Idaho Impact Fund allowed me to start my business and pursue my passion unimpeded by financial restraints.”

Wilder Jones - Owner, Wild Spaces Farm

“Thank you, Local Food Alliance, for bringing together the many organizations and individuals in our valley who support the local food system. LFA provides a needed service to our community.”

Julie Johnson, Owner, Nourish Me

Locally Grown Newsletter

Every month we publish the Locally Grown Newsletter to to keep our community informed about what’s fresh in the local food scene. From the current offerings from local farms and spotlights on local producers to the latest food news from around the valley, the newsletter is the best source for all things local food.

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