Empowering everyday climate action

Cultivating personal and community resilience through everyday climate action

The 5B Resilient program enhances access to climate action resources, increases community and individual skills that promote self-reliance, increases visibility of existing and new opportunities for resilience related action, and cultivates resource sharing, collaborative events and education opportunities

Project Areas

Educational Resources
& Events

Resources & Events

Our digital educational resources cover a wide range of topics, from climate disaster preparedness to energy conservation to resilient gardening practices. Once a season, we will also host an event related to a recent digital resource topic.

Policy Advocacy

An integral aspect of our work as an organization is maintaining a deep knowledge of current events that impact people in our community.

Policy Advocacy

Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Our involvement in youth programs throughout Blaine County is twofold: Support and advocate for youth climate action organizations; Bolster existing youth programs seeking to increase climate literacy in their curriculum offerings

An expansion from 5B Resilience Gardens

We launched 5B Resilience Gardens in the spring of 2020, during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our hope, in collaboration with other organizations, was to bring together a passionate community of gardeners within Blaine County with an intentional focus on resilience.

In two years, 5B Resilience Gardens was able to make the following impacts:

Turned over 30,000 pounds of food waste into compost through community collaborations

Participating 5B Resilience Gardens donated thousands of pounds of fresh produce to community members in need

Engaged hundreds of youth in composting and climate literacy curriculum

Involved hundreds of community members through educational webinars

We recognized the need for this programmatic work to expand beyond gardening.

Attendees of events asked for information about water, energy, home skills, and so much more. We saw an opportunity to build on the 5B Resilience Gardens initiative and create a more comprehensive program that touches on all pillars of community resilience. Through the sharing of resources and skills, 5B Resilient will help create a more engaged, self-reliant and knowledgeable community.

The expanded program will:

  • Provide educational opportunities across all pillars of resilience and throughout all Blaine County
  • Strengthen community connectedness
  • Promote self- and community reliance
  • Support mental and physical health of our community
  • Encourage engagement in policy advocacy and promote political will
  • Enhance air and water quality and reduce resource pressure on water and soil
  • Offer practical skills for low-impact living