Sustainable Meats

Sustainable Meats is multi-species meat processing facility in Kuna, Idaho. The facility is owned and operated by Alex McCoy and is a subsidiary of American Ostrich Farms

The opening of their slaughter and fabrication facility creates a vertically integrated operation, from raising the birds to producing retail ready cuts. In addition to fabricating their own products, the new facility is scaled to offer third party processing to regional beef and lamb producers. This capacity fills a gap in the regional food chain and solves a pain point for many small, family livestock producers in southern Idaho.


Approximately 23,500 pounds of nutrient-dense food were locally produced and sold in 2021

14.5 acres under sustainable cultivation, 3 acres are currently producing vegetables and most of the 2 acres in transition will be producing vegetable crops in the 2022 season.

Improved financial modeling and reporting, contributing to long-term business success.

Leveraged precision farming and regenerative agriculture techniques to reduce nutrient and soil run-off and protect water quality.

Avoided approximately 7,084 lbs of carbon dioxide equivalents by selling produce locally

Project Overview

A $250,000 low-interest loan was the closing capital for the Sustainable Meats facility and serves as the final catalyst for bringing the plant online. The addition of fabrication capacity fills a gap in our regional food system. It is making a critical service available to local ranchers and creating a new, sustainable model for meat processing facilities.

The Sustainable Meats plant is also redefining the interaction between meat processing and the environment. Because they have control over the process, they capture more from each animal, vastly decreasing waste. What is not used is composted and use to build the soil on their farm. Water used in the process is treated using a high-tech self-contained treatment facility that results in effluent cleaner than what comes from a residential home. “Our goal is to create a zero-waste, energy efficient model that other facilities can follow,” says owner, Alex McCoy.


“Our mission is very closely aligned with that of Sun Valley Institute for Resilience. The meat industry is concentrated, antiquated and vulnerable. This is a major issue for our region and for my business specifically. Building distributed slaughter and fabrication facilities like this one is a resilience driver for our region.”

alex McCoy, American Ostrich Farms

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Guiding Principles

We have strong relationships with local farmers and deep knowledge in the local and regional food system built through our Food & Farm program, the Local Food Alliance.  We are deeply familiar with local investing and able to provide the technical assistance required to prepare borrowers for financing.

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Funding Objectives

Impact Idaho Fund objectives are primarily aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals 2 – Zero Hunger – and 11 – Sustainable Communities. In pursuit of more resilient, regionalized food and agriculture systems, the Impact Idaho Fund Pilot will also consider critical impacts on land, water and energy resources.

SVIR envisions a resilient community with a nourishing regional food system, a healthy environment and a vibrant and equitable economy. Through the Impact Idaho Fund, SVIR catalyzes capital for regional resilience projects that advance local food security.

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