Regenerative Agriculture Working Group

A collaborative, peer-to-peer working group of farmers, land managers, and scientists working to transition our region to regeneration.


Wood River Regen Ag Working Group

Stakeholders engaged




In winter 2019, we hosted a series of resilience workshops that brought together community stakeholders to address key concerns in our valley. One group centered around regenerative agriculture, and the need to build collaboration and strategy for our regional farmers and land managers. To help support our region's transition to regenerative agriculture, LFA has initiated a new working group made up of farmers, ranchers and land managers. The group will increase collaboration, provide peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and offer strategic support to LFA's initiatives. From carbon markets to accessing new supply chains, opportunities abound when it comes to the regenerative agriculture movement. Our newly formed working group will help support our region's transition to a regenerative food future for all.

f you would like to join this working group, please email Amy Mattias at

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