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Hemingway FarmRaiser

LFA provides critical support to ensure the success of the annual FarmRai$er to benefit Hemingway STEAM School.


Hemingway FarmRaiser

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Children & Schools


Local Food Alliance was behind the 2014 launch of the Hemingway FarmRai$er at Hemingway STEAM School in Ketchum. Instead of wrapping paper and candy, Hemingway students now sell healthy local food products such as fresh-picked organic produce, apples, salad and handmade dressing, and raw honey, along with gift cards to local farm-friendly restaurants. Each year, the Hemingway FarmRai$er raises thousands of dollars for school educational programs while also benefiting our farmers/food artisans and the health of our community. Since 2014, LFA has provided critical support to ensure the success of the annual fundraiser. Watch this video to see the Hemingway FarmRai$er in action!

The Hemingway FarmRai$er benefits students by exposing them to fresh locally grown fruits and veggies and connecting them to the source of their food. It benefits the community by giving them an opportunity to purchase fresh nutrient-rich produce after the farmers' markets have closed for the season. Last but certainly not least, it helps support local and regional farmers and infusing thousands of dollars into our local economy.

In 2019, the fundraiser generated $42,409 in total sales and donations, $24,774 of which went to local food businesses and $17,635 to Hemingway school programs. We look forward to contributing to the continued success of this school fundraiser! 

In addition to providing hands-on support and guidance, LFA produces an insert to accompany each FarmRai$er order to inform customers where they can buy their favorite local products year-round.

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