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Blaine County Food Council

LFA coordinates Blaine County Food Council, a grassroots, multi-stakeholder group devoted to strengthening our regional food system.


Blaine County Food Council

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Community Solutions

Blaine County Food Council fosters communication, coordination and collaboration among local food system stakeholders through quarterly networking events. Blaine County Food Council is coordinated by Amy Mattias and Stacy Whitman of Local Food Alliance. BCFC invites all Blaine County residents to participate in our efforts to cultivate our community-based food system. 

For more information or to join our email list, please contact Amy at or Stacy at


In 2014, The Hunger Coalition engaged representatives from 25 community organizations to create a support team for the Blaine County Community Food Assessment. The year-long food assessment, which collected data from surveys, interviews, and focus groups, helped identify both gaps in our local food system and general community attitudes toward local and organic food. Following the assessment, team members were inspired to continue collaborating on food system issues and formed the Blaine County Food Council (BCFC).

Founding members include: Lauren Golden of University of Idaho; Ali Long of Local Food Alliance; Stacy Whitman of Local Food Alliance; Lynea Petty of The Hunger Coalition; Kaz Thea of Hailey City Council; Brett Stevenson of Hillside Grain; Cynthia Carr of Be Well Consulting; Jamie Truppi of Jamie Truppi Integrative Nutrition; and Angenie McCleary of Blaine County Commissioners.

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