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$5 for Farmers

A collaborative $5 for Farmers campaign to increase consumer purchasing of foods produced on regional farms


$5 for Farmers Campaign

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Outreach & Awareness

DID YOU KNOW? If every Blaine County resident spends $5 on local food each week, it will add $5.7 million annually to our regional food economy! 

Vote with your fork and your dollar to make a big impact in our community! This harvest season and all year long, please support our farmers by spending $5 a week on their farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, dried beans and grains, flour, eggs, meat, and dairy products. 

Why does $5 matter? Known as the Local Multiplier Effect, every dollar spent on local businesses recirculates in our community seven times more than one spent on a corporate business. With the majority of our food being imported, most of our food dollars are lost to the industrial agriculture system. By supporting our local farmers, we can each do our part to create a thriving community where people are nourished by locally grown food every day. Community-based food systems strengthen rural economies, enhance the health of individuals, and promote fair labor practices, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. 

Your $5-a-week commitment helps ensure the future of family farms in our region and nutritious locally grown food for your family.  

Spending $5 a week on local food a week is easy! Simply purchase one of the following items from our local farmers’ markets, Kraay’s Market & Garden home-delivery service, or at Atkinsons’ Market and NourishMe:

  • A dozen eggs
  • A gallon of milk
  • A bag of locally grown lettuce greens 
  • A few bunches of root crops
  • Three pounds of potatoes 
  • One pound of ground beef
  • Two pounds of dried beans

Ensure your dollars stay local when you’re dining out by asking your server which menu items feature local ingredients. Ask your farmers what restaurants purchase their products. And let restaurants know that you choose to dine with them because they source local. It takes all of us to support a thriving local food system!

The Sage School put together a great video about the $5 for Farmers campaign. Please share with your network to help us spread the message!


To help get more consumers committed to supporting community farms, LFA collaborated with organizations and businesses including The Hunger Coalition, Atkinsons’ Market, Konditorei Bakery & Cafe and Blaine County Food Council to create the $5 for Farmers community awareness campaign. Many thanks to Muffy Ritz for her support and to graphic designer Bree Vanden Heuval for her design help with this project! 

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