The Wood River Valley boasts one of the most vibrant farmers’ markets in all of Idaho. The Ketchum market (operating Tuesdays, 2 to 6pm, June 12 to October 9) draws hundreds of residents and visitors to the city’s downtown core to purchase locally grown foods and enjoy a lively social scene.

This year’s market has been the most successful ever for hardworking local farmers and artisans thanks to its new Town Square location. Town Square is a perfect community gathering place. In its new central location, vendors have experienced significantly more foot traffic and higher sales, providing a badly needed economic boost.

Now, due to complaints from a few surrounding businesses, the market is in danger of being moved to a less convenient, off-the-beaten-path location. As anyone who plans events or owns a business knows, changing an event venue, day or time can be hugely detrimental to its success. This would be our second move in two years, and we fear losing customers due to confusion and lack of visibility.

A study funded by the Ford Foundation found that “markets build social cohesion as they improve local food security, public health, and the economic wellbeing of farmers and communities as a whole.” Local businesses can benefit as well! Surveys have found that most farmers’ market shoppers visit nearby stores on the same day, with the majority visiting those stores only in conjunction with their trip to the market.

Please take a minute to think about the positive impact that a thriving farmers’ market has on your life, and how important location can be to the long-term success of the market, its vendors, local businesses, and our community.

Help keep the Ketchum market in the Town Square for future years! Sign our petition and write emails and letters or call Ketchum elected officials to tell them why you value the farmers’ market in Town Square.