2019 was filled with new beginnings as we embarked on new strategies and initiatives to help ensure the future of family farms and grow our local food economy. As the calendar year comes to a close, we are excited to share some of our accomplishments in our Year of Highlights below.


LFA completes a Community Food System Strategic Plan with input from more than 60 regional food system stakeholders, leading to new initiatives including the $5 for Farmers campaign and the Friends of the Farmers Market group.

LFA meets with regional farmers and distributors to enhance access to and boost sales of locally grown food to wholesale markets such as restaurants and grocery stores.

LFA leads conversations on regenerative agriculture, food hubs and commercial kitchens at the Blaine County Community Resilience Workshop, inspiring our Food Asset & Needs Mapping project currently underway that will inform plans for new projects.

LFA's parent organization, Sun Valley Institute, launches plans for a Resilience Innovation Platform to catalyze investment in regenerative agriculture, renewable energy use, and regional resilience.

LFA releases the Community Food System Strategic Plan with more than 135 key stakeholders and members of the public at The State of Our Food Systemworkshop and community presentations.

LFA takes over coordination of Blaine County Food Council, and begins planning quarterly networking events to foster communication, coordination and collaboration among food system stakeholders.

LFA initiates and facilitates Friends of the Farmers Market, a community advisory and advocacy group whose mission is to support, protect, and promote our local farmers markets.

LFA commissions short films depicting regenerative agriculture throughout the Wood River Valley. We hold our second The Elevated Table dinner of 2019 at Silver Spring Ranch to deepen connections between community members and the farmers who produce our food.  

LFA works with The Sage School students to collect data for our Food Asset & Needs Map and printed food guide projects.

LFA launches $5 for Farmers, a community awareness campaign and pledge to increase consumer purchasing of foods produced on regional farms. The Hemingway FarmRaiser, an LFA initiative, brings in a record $44,162 in sales and donations, with $24,774 going to local food businesses.

LFA plans the Wood River Valley’s first Locally Grown Guide, a free printed and digital resource that will promote farms and ranches, retail outlets, restaurants, special events, and other local food sources.

LFA develops a Southern Idaho Food System Vision for 2050, engaging more than 60 regional stakeholders in the process. We publish our 60th newsletter and 56th Local Food Hero profile to promote local food and the businesses that grow, prepare and sell it.

Our program work through Sun Valley Institute requires financial resources. We need your partnership to build a thriving local food community, advance real solutions, and create a farm-forward future that protects the health of us and our environment. As you plan your year-end giving, please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us continue and expand upon these important efforts in 2020. Donate today!

Stacy Whitman

Stacy Whitman co-founded Local Food Alliance in 2014 out of a desire to improve community food and health.