With 2020 just around the corner, we are undergoing the development of a regenerative and nourishing food system vision for Southern Idaho. Communities and ecosystems across our region are on the front lines of rapid changes from population growth, a shifting climate, and damaging land-use practices harming our soil, water, air, fisheries and undermining our rural communities’ health and economies. Rapid population growth and sprawl have put our farmers on notice: Our farmlands are at risk. Across the nation, we lose three acres of farmland each minute. We must come together to reverse this trajectory and build a resilient and nourishing future for all southern Idahoans.

An agricultural system that produces regeneratively grown food and fiber will provide quality jobs, protect our land, air, water and wildlife, and promote equity and opportunity across rural, suburban, and urban communities. This future will only be possible with the development of scale-appropriate infrastructure, including production, processing, storage, distribution, and waste, partnered with policy and innovations developed to ensure regenerative land use practices while protecting our farmland.

Farmers in southern Idaho can transition their growing practices to meet the increasing demand of consumers who want transparent and traceable food sources for their families. Together, with farmers and ranchers, food entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, and community advocates, we are opening the doors to new opportunities in our agricultural economy. With our community’s collaboration, we will ensure a regenerative, nourishing, and thriving future for Southern Idaho.

If you would like to learn more about our developing Food Vision, or share your ideas, feedback, or thoughts, please email Amy Mattias at Amy@sunvalleyinstitute.org.

Amy Mattias

Amy is passionate about regenerative agriculture, knowing where her food comes from, and growing community resilience.