Ian Jameson

Former Board President, Idaho's Bounty

Ian Jameson grew up in California’s San Joaquin Valley surrounded by large-scale industrial agriculture. But he developed a love for fresh wholesome sustainably grown food thanks to his mother’s 1,000-square-foot vegetable garden. Ian’s childhood included time at his father’s family working ranch camp in the Sierra Nevadas, where kids learn to grow vegetables and milk cows. After earning an economics degree from University of California, Santa Cruz, Ian went to work for a hedge fund that specialized in the agricultural sector. In 2004, Ian landed in Ketchum, where he now serves as director and investment advisor at American Capital Advisory. He has served as board president of Idaho’s Bounty Cooperative.

Here’s what Ian said when asked about his personal relationship to food:

How did you become interested in food? 
I’m pretty sure my interest in food came naturally, shortly before my teeth came in. Just kidding. Kind of. Truly, I became interested in food after living in Spain for a year with a family where a lot of time went into discussing the flavor of the olive oil, wine, or vegetables of the day.

What’s your definition of “good food”?
Good food = food that tastes good.

Who is your food hero?
Paddy McIlvoy, the crazy guy behind Crazy Guy Tomatoes. He is the most passionate person I know.

What’s your favorite food to cook or produce? 
Favorite food to cook = anything that goes in a tortilla. Favorite food to produce = Crazy Guy Tomatoes’ Ground Cherries.

How do you feel about organic? 
I feel that organic has been a good step in reminding consumers that there are differences in the methods of food production.

Are you concerned about GMOs? If so, why? 
My main concerns about GMOs is the lack of diversity associated with modifying seeds for market share.

What’s your end goal or what impact do you hope to have in terms of food?
I’d like to see the local food movement expand from consumption to investment.

What is your biggest wish for food system change?
A focus on quality over quantity.

What change would you like to see in the Wood River Valley area and/or Idaho in terms of food?
I’d like to see a new generation of farmers continue to develop the local food system in Idaho.

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