Brooke Hovey

Private Chef & NourishMe

Endurance athlete Brooke Hovey may be known for her world-class athletic accomplishments. When she isn't crushing the competition on a mountain bike or Nordic skis, she supplies community members with nourishing soups, salads, and other wholesome locally sourced dishes in the kitchen at Nourish Me and as a private chef. A regular at our local farmers' markets, Brooke says an eating plan built around clean, wholesome foods gives her an edge when competing against athletes half her age.

Here's what Brooke said when asked about her personal relationship to food: 

What drives your passion for food?
I have always loved cooking and preparing food for family and friends. It is the center piece for good health.

What’s your definition of “good food”?  
Raw and as unprocessed and packaged as possible

How has your diet evolved over the years?
I have always been interested in eating food that fuels and nourishes the body as an endurance athlete. I’ve never dieted, but have tried various diets to see how I feel during and after competitions.

When and how did you become interested in cooking?
I began cooking for my family around the age of 10. I grew up on the fast and convenience food of the 70s. I realized how much I loved vegetables and “clean” food the first time. I had a salad and never turned back.

Why is sourcing local ingredients important to you?
Sourcing local ingredients keeps the small family farms alive in an age of industrial food. It is a way of truly knowing where your food comes from

Who is your food hero?
All of the farmers who provide at the farmers market. John Klimes of Agrarian Harvest and Alex and Evelyn of Springs of Life.

As an athlete, how do use food to your advantage?
Food is the foundation of good health especially as athletes who tax our body and systems. As an aging athlete (46 years), I feel like I am able to compete with a younger generation because of my food choices. I make conscious decisions about the food I eat rather than just looking at food as fuel. There is high quality fuel and terrible fuel

Any tips for getting kids to like good wholesome food?  
It’s always a struggle to get kids away from what I think are the worst ingredients..WHITE  SUGAR and WHITE FLOUR.  I allow “junk food” in moderation so they don’t feel the need to binge on this. Hopefully as they get older, they make more  independent  healthy choices because they feel better and healthier

What’s your family’s favorite meal made with local ingredients?
Locally sourced taco night.

What’s your end goal or what impact do you hope to have in terms of food?
To educate kids about their choices. If  you eat poorly, you will be sick and never reach true potential of your physical, mental and emotional health

What change would you like to see in the Wood River Valley in terms of food?
More food units in school from elementary age. Really give kids the hands-on approach to taking control of what they put in their body

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