Al McCord

Wood River Sustainability Center

Since purchasing the Wood River Sustainability Center in 2012, Al McCord has been committed to supporting small local farmers and providing affordable, healthy “Beyond Organic” food to our community. Al, in partnership with the Local Food Alliance, initiated and designed the pilot farm-to-school lunch program at Syringa Mountain School, launched January 1, 2015. Al also delivers fresh farm-to-school lunches to The Sage School twice a week. Here’s what Al said when asked about his personal relationship to food:

How did you become interested in food?
As long as I can remember I have enjoyed eating great foods.

What’s your definition of “good food”?
Food that is grown with no genetic modification, chemicals, pesticides or growth hormones. Animals that are raised humanly. Food the way nature intended it!

Who is your food hero?
All of the non-known heroes of the “Good Food” movement that work tirelessly every day to make this change happen!!

What’s your greatest challenge?
Time: To share the passion of food with everyone and to inspire change.

What is your biggest wish for food system change?
That everyone understands that with nutritiously rich, non-altered foods, every aspect of their lives will be better.

What’s your favorite food to cook?
I love to make a great salad with fresh ingredients.

What’s your end goal or what impact do you hope to have in terms of food?
To make a difference in each person’s life that I come into contact with and show them that their lives and their happiness depends on what foods they put into their bodies.

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