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Tubbs' Pumpkin Patch & Straw Maze

September 25, 2020

12:00 am


8:00 pm

Tubbs' Berry Farm, 1150 S Park Ave W. Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

Pumpkin Patch and Straw Maze

We will be limiting the number of people allowed in at a time. You can purchase tickets and reserve a time online on the admission page. We will have a limited number of tickets available at the door. Go to our Party page to book parties!

September 25- October 31, 2020

Hours: Monday – Wednesday 3-8 PM
Thursday 10-8
Friday and Saturday 10-10
We have scheduled field trips Monday-Wed from 9-3 and are not open to the public until 3 PM. Click on the Field Trips link to schedule field trips.

Click here for Admission to Playground, Slides, and Mazes:
Monday – Thursday
Ages 8 and up: $9
Ages 3-7:  $7

Friday and Saturday
Ages 8 and up: $11
Ages 3-7 $9

Kids 2 and under are free.
Seniors 60+ with ID: $5
Early Bird Fridays: Pay weekday admission until 2 PM!

Group rate:
$1 off regular maze admission (Applies only to 10 or more maze passes purchased in one transaction). $2 off groups of 25 or more.

Youth groups who might not have an exact count and don’t want to pre-order online, please contact us with an aprox number, we will hold that many passes and can add or subtract when you get here

Maze pass is for the both the maze and playground area. All children 3+ and adults will need a pass to enter. The playground area is completely enclosed to make watching little kids easier. The big maze is very large, children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult.

Birthday Parties and Field Trips can now be scheduled online. See the links on the right for more information!

What is the buzz about a Straw Maze?

Big Straw Bale Maze and Slides: We have a giant ton bale maze and slide, over 1000 bales and lots of fun. If you don’t make any wrong turns you can get through it in 20 minutes. Most take significantly longer. Admission lets you go through as many times as you want on the day of purchase. We recommend you allow an hour to get through! Glow sticks and flashlights will be available for purchase (or bring your own) for maze after dark on Friday and Saturday evenings. Our Giant Straw Slides have been a big hit, this year we have 3 large slides, and 2 small ones!

Playground: This is for kids of all ages. We do have an under 6 area with a corn pit and bounce house away from the rough and tumble big kids. We have a giant 30×70 bounce pad for kids up to 99 years of age. There are also rubber ducky raceways,  straw towers, a corn pit, digging area, corn cannons, a cow train, and more!


There is no charge for admission to the pumpkin patch, we just charge for the pumpkins! Pumpkins are priced by size, 50¢ and up. Most are in the $1-$5 range. We do have some giant pumpkins in the $20 range this year. Yes, you can actually pick pumpkins out of the field they are grown in, we provide nippers for you to cut the pumpkins off the vine. Our pumpkins are grown without herbicides or pesticides so you can feel good about letting your kids run in the field, and almost all the pumpkins are great varieties for eating! There lots of different colors and sizes of pumpkins to choose from, as well as several varieties of squash and gourds.

Corn Cannon and Pumpkin Slingshot

Yes, we have a shooting range at the pumpkin patch! This year we have 2 corn cannons and 3 slingshots. You can shoot for prizes, or shoot for fun. Shots are 2/$1. We have some great sponsors this year and some great prizes we are giving away. Tell them thank you if you do business with them. We are still taking sponsors for targets if you know a business that might be interested.


In honor of Covid, we are most likely not going to have a hayride this season.

Petting Zoo

Yes, the animals are excited to see you this year! There are goats, sheep, calves, chickens, and more! Animals will be accessible both inside and outside of the maze area. Feeders take quarters.

Farm Stand

This year the farm stand will have raw honey, jams, handmade soaps, lip balm, lotion bars, pumpkin decorating items, corn stalks, small straw bales, Indian popcorn, hotdogs, pop, chips, and more!


Hotdog Meal (hotdog, chips and a drink):
Pumpkin Pulled Pork Sandwich:
Idaho Nacho: Pumpkin chili on waffle fries with nacho cheese.
Pumpkin Chili: made fresh each day with produce grown on the farm!

Please note that this is a working farm and activities are held in a field. There are outhouses but no running water. Pop and water bottles are available for purchase. Children should dress appropriately for activities and could get dirty. Weather can change quickly in the fall, so access to hats, coats, and gloves is recommended!

Due to the risk of fire there is absolutely no smoking or open flame allowed on the premises.

For the safety of our animals and because of health requirements in produce fields, pets are not allowed near the petting zoo or in the fields or maze and playground areas. Thank you!

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