Melissa Tilney

Melissa is a senior business leader with over 15 years experience working in food, agriculture and technology. She believes that improving our food and agriculture systems builds resilience for our health, climate and community.

Melissa has worked at or consulted for companies of all sizes — from startups to large agribusinesses — across the agri-food value chain. Early in her career, as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, she worked with large agribusiness and CPG companies on growth strategy, innovation and climate solutions. Then, as a cofounder at AgFunder, a venture capital firm and investment platform that invests in technologies transforming the food and agriculture industry, she focused on building an investment community around food and agriculture and identifying and working with with high growth startups in the space. She coauthored annual agri and food technology investment reports as well as articles in TechCrunch, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and more related to startups and investment in food and agriculture.

Currently, Melissa independently consults and advises agri, food and technology companies.

Melissa has her MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, a JD from Northwestern University School of Law and a BA from Princeton University. She resides full time in the Wood River Valley with her husband and daughter.