Why Resilience?

At its core, resilience is the capacity to deal effectively with shocks and disruptions of all kinds. In our rapidly changing world, the risks we face from economic interdependence and environmental changes are greater than ever. Globalization of the economy has created tremendous interdependence, leaving us less self-reliant and more vulnerable to disruptions elsewhere in the world. Environmental change is causing upheaval in entire industries, ecosystems, cities, and continents—in coastal cities threatened by resource scarcity and climate change impacts such as storms and sea level rise, and in water-stressed regions facing worse droughts and erratic rainfall and reduced snowpack and river flows. As a result, the concept of resilience is receiving attention from individuals, businesses, communities, and nations around the globe.

For leaders of all stripes—whether heads of state, small-town mayors or corporate CEOs—building resilience is a core responsibility. Here in Sun Valley, where our natural assets are central to our quality of life, we are focusing on resilience to strengthen our ability to bounce back from harm to our local economy. The Sun Valley Institute for Resilience is being founded by the community to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of this special place for future generations of residents and visitors alike, and to serve as a model and resource to vulnerable communities everywhere.