What We Do

Resilience requires a willingness to be forward thinking: addressing these risks—including from energy insecurity, water scarcity, food availability and costs, and weather-related disasters—and by investing in greater resilience are key to preserving quality of life.

Through local innovations and leadership, by gathering best practices, and by convening and collaborating, the Institute builds resilience locally and globally, a think- and do-tank for a changing world.

The Institute’s objectives are two-fold:
  • Strengthen quality of place in the local community; and
  • Serve as a resource for other vulnerable communities around the world by developing case studies to enable sharing of successes and learnings.
To meet these objectives, the Sun Valley Institute will undertake:
  • Policy Engagement: Putting into place resilience best practices for policy-makers (local, state, and national);
  • Public Education: Providing resources for citizens, businesses and visitors;
  • Research: Generating original as well as gathering existing research to serve as a base for resilience information;
  • Events: Hosting speakers and conferences;
  • Investment: Curating nonprofit and for-profit investments to support resilience.
Key priorities for our region include addressing risks in areas such as:

• Energy
• Water
• Food
• Environment
• Community