What We Do

Resilience requires a willingness to be forward thinking: addressing risks—including from energy insecurity, water scarcity, food availability and costs, and weather-related disasters- by investing in greater resilience is key to preserving our quality of life.

From our beginning, the Sun Valley Institute for Resilience has sought strategic levers that drive system-wide change. Leveraging our work through our Food & Farm program, the Local Food Alliance, we are focused on food and agriculture as the keystone to building community resilience. Now is the time to act.

Raise Awareness, Invest and Collaborate

We have designed our programs to work synergistically in three areas toward our goal of community resilience. We raise awareness about the importance of a resilient food system through our annual publication of the Locally Grown Guide; we collaborate with partners to build platforms to share knowledge, food, and resources through our 5B Resilience Gardens initiative; and we invest, catalyzing capital for regional resilience projects through our new Impact Idaho Fund