Lexie Praggastis

Executive Director

Like the salmon who migrate back to the waters in which they were born to start their own family, Lexie and her young family now live a mere 12 miles from where she grew up. An inspired learner, Lexie completed a Masters of Business Administration in Sustainable Systems from Pinchot University after studying Biochemistry at Colby College and earning a graduate degree in Chemical and Life Sciences from the University of Maryland. Lexie enjoys analyzing and articulating large systems almost as much as she loves to color code an Excel spreadsheet. When she isn’t making awesome birthday cakes for her children, she is out enjoying the many things this valley has to offer. Lexie has taught at two of our local high schools and coached for the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation. She serves as the Treasurer for the Board of The Sage School. She joined the Sun Valley Institute family in 2017 and is proud to be part of the work to build a lasting quality of place in her hometown.