Community Resources During COVID-19

•Local Food Resources During COVID-19
•Resources for Building Resilience
•TED Circles – Join Community Conversations

Global Organizations Working on Resilience

•100 Resilient Cities
•Post Carbon Institute
•Center for the Future of Arizona
•Sustainable Northwest
•Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
•Rocky Mountain Institute Snowmass, Colorado
•Aspen Institute, Aspen, Colorado

Local Organizations Working on Resilience

•Blaine County Recreation District, Hailey, Idaho
•Boise State University, Boise, Idaho
•Community School, Sun Valley, Idaho
•Environmental Resource Center, Ketchum, Idaho
•Hemingway Chapter, Trout Unlimited, Hailey, Idaho
•Idaho Conservation League, Boise, Idaho
•Julie A. Wrigley Foundation, Sun Valley, Idaho
•Ketchum Innovation Center, Ketchum, Idaho
•Local Food Alliance, Ketchum, Idaho
•The Sage School, Hailey, Idaho
•Sun Valley Band of Angels and Mentors, Ketchum, Idaho
•Sun Valley Economic Development, Ketchum, Idaho
•Syringa Mountain School, Hailey, Idaho
•Wild Gift, Ketchum, Idaho
•Wood River Land Trust, Hailey, Idaho

Articles Regarding Resilience

•Want to Survive Climate Change? You’ll Need a Good Community
•How to Increase Resilience in the Face of Climate Change
•Risks and Opportunities From the Changing Climate: Playbook for the Truly Long-Term Investor

•95% Consensus of Expert Economists: Cut Carbon Pollution
•Congress Extends the Renewable Investment Tax Credit: What Now?
•Six Foundations for Building Community Resilience
•Resilience: Building a World of Resilient Communities
•The Next Frontier of Climate Change Resilience