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Sprout Kits are an at-home educational program for 4-10 year old's and their families. Kits contain hands-on activities that increase food literacy. Information and activities are provided in Spanish and English.

1,200 SPROUT Kits to be distributed to 300 families in 2021


"Our parents loved these kits. The kids have been coming to school all week to give reports on their salsa and planting activities!! Thank you”

sprout kit recipient

"Great work, thoroughly enjoyed the activity kit and the kids liked the games too.”

sprout kit recipient

"Everyone at my preschool loves this program, THANK -YOU!”

sprout kit recipient

Our Guiding Principles

Create resilient communities that are empowered to be in relationship with the food they eat

Provide community members with accessible education and resources to grow and eat nourishing, seasonal foods.

To be inspirational, playful, educational and collaborative

The next SPROUT Kit distribution is

August 2021

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SPROUT Kit Activity Packets

Spring 2021 Sprout kit for food literacy in Hailey IdahoWinter Sprout Kit for environmental literacy in Ketchum Idaho
Fall SPROUT Kit for eco-literacy in the Wood River Valley.