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Gourmet cricket seasonings from the heart of rural Idaho.
PO Box 19 Carmen, Idaho 83462
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Savory. Sustainable. Smart.


Orchestra Provisions, LLC. is the inspiration of Kate Stoddard, a native Idahoan with intertwined passions for nature and the nourishment it provides. A lifetime of intimacy with the outdoors and gardening, coupled with a great “hunger” for the culinary arts has culminated in the formation of Orchestra. Kate has a formal education that resulted in a masters of the science of nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. It was here that Kate focused her energy toward food systems and necessary education regarding the search for sustainable solutions. This inevitably led to the great matter of feeding a flourishing population of humans. When Kate isn’t in the kitchen, you can find her with her son Wren, outside doing any of the many activities that make her so alive!


It takes a community to form a revolution. Just like a group of crickets is called an orchestra, individuals with a shared vision can orchestrate change.  People motivated by a common cause are capable of generating a positive future for the health of the individual and simultaneously the health of the earth. At Orchestra Provisions we see human health is synonymous and interconnected with environmental health. Humans cannot be healthy if their food systems are ailing. Orchestra seeks to provide deliciously sustainable solutions to live in balance with the earth that provides us life.  Join the orchestra, your tastebuds will thank you!


Modern humans are faced with some tricky challenges. The food systems in place will not successfully carry the weight of an increasing population of humans. How do we find creative solutions for our biological limitations? The solution lies in the time-old wisdom of a rebranded truth. Paleolithic peoples survived meat famine with a reliable staple: insect-life. We’re not saying you can’t eat meat, just eat less! Historically crickets have been an important staple in the “paleo diet” of humans, enabling them to avoid iron deficiencies, B-vitamin deficiencies, while providing ample protein and other vitamins and minerals.

Crickets provide essential nutrients in an earth friendly manner. They reproduce quickly leaving a smaller impact on the earth’s resources, requiring a fraction of land and water usage that the meat industry boasts. Continue to our blog to join the movement and learn more about entomophagy.


The branding of food is a tricky business. Food is something that keeps us charging forward and breathing air, so from a survivalist and biologic perspective, we should be skeptical about what we feed ourselves. However, the culture of food and its consumption is sometimes blind to the nature of our nutrition. It would be easy to harbor disgust for something like meat, in fact many folks do. However, the marketing minds behind “meat-as-a-product” have successfully divorced the animal from the product, labeling pigs as pork, cows as beef etc. Perhaps it would be better if we consciously placed the fleshy-once-living protein source into our shopping carts.  

More on that: https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2019/01/10/677826823/should-hyping-edible-bugs-focus-on-the-experience-instead-of-the-environment

What some fail to realize, is that insects are just as delicious as any one of the brilliantly branded meat products. When I asked a neighborhood full of kids to try a raw dehydrated cricket, many of them asked for more. One girl exclaimed, “They taste exactly like sunflower seeds!” Untainted and benevolent, the child’s mind embraces insects for what they are, a delicacy.


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