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Atkinsons' Markets

Cafe Della/Della Provisions

CK's Real Food

Galena Lodge


Ketchum Kitchens


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Grains or flour

Producing premium, organic, family-grown grains and stone-milled fresh flour.
171 Pero Road, Bellevue, Idaho 83313
Visit Website208.720.8336

Located at the headwaters of Silver Creek, Hillside Grain’s custom-made stone mill, along with state-of-the-art sifters and roller mill, results in high-extraction flours that retain germ and bran preserving the flavor and nutritional value inherent in clean grain. Grains are grown organically and never treated with glyphosate or other chemicals.

Certifications: USDA Certified Organic

Available at: Atkinsons’ Market, Kraay’s Market & Garden, Café Della, CK’s Real Food, Rasberrys, Hank & Sylvie’s, Hangar Bread


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