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Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef

Family-owned, grass-finished beef cooperative raising Akaushi cattle from birth to harvest.
8844 W Spangler Rd, Hammett, Idaho 83627
Visit Website208.590.3281

Desert Mountain is a cooperative of ranchers located in Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and northern California raising 100% grass-fed beef in harmony with the natural cycles of our environment.

We work together as a co-op of like-minded families who care deeply about our mission to provide the best, most sustainable beef on the planet as we improve our soils, wildlife above and below these soils, and contribute to the betterment of all.

Akaushi is a Japanese breed of cattle whose name roughly translates to red wagyu. The breed is legendary in Japan for its amazing marbling traits and spectacular taste. Akaushi cattle thrive in the Northwestern U.S., where Desert Mountain ranchers have harnessed this breed's remarkable suitability for a grass-fed diet.

Available at: Atkinsons' Market


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