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Chef Laura Apshaga

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Agrarian Harvest

Ballard Cheese

Buckwild Beef

Deer Creek Berry Farm

Elkhorn Ranch South

Hillside Grain

Itty Bitty Farm

Kasota Hydroponics

King's Crown Organic

Kraay's Market & Garden

Lava Lake Lamb

Lookout Farm

Peters Family Farm

Prairie Sun Farm

Prairie Winds Heritage Farm

Raw Life Farms

Red Star Ranch

Shooting Star Farm

Squash Blossom Farm

Waterwheel Gardens

Wood River Ranch Beef


Chef Laura offers organic, local prepared food options through Kraay's Market & Garden.
Hailey, Idaho
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As a long time WRV chef, it has been my mission to provide excellently prepared foods made from as many locally grown ingredients as possible. I have an amazing network of farmers and ranchers in and around the Valley. I choose to use their products first before looking farther afield. I am also an avid forager and love making products with what the wilds of Idaho have to offer! My products range from locally-sourced bone broths of all types, healthy and hearty soups, shortcut meal helpers such as Italian Meat or Mushroom Bolognese Sauces, Cuban Beef Picadillo, and pulled Agrarian Harvest Pork Shoulder as well as composed freezer-to-oven meals such as Braised Osso Bucco Gremioata with Garlic Olive Oil Mashers and Roasted Root Veggies or Chicken Picatta Saffron Rice and Baby Carrots. I offer vegan, paleo,and  gluten-free options galore! Local, organic, and organic practice products are the focus for my follow-your-food chain philosophy to promoting locally grown food and business!


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