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This Hunger Coalition program provides opportunities to grow and access fresh local food.
Hailey, Idaho
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The Hunger Coalition’s Bloom Community Farm and The Hope Garden connect our community over the shared joy of growing good food. Both sites offer volunteering and education, inspiring healthy, outdoor and community-based experiences for all members of Blaine County. Attentive care-full farming practices are used: permanent beds and no tillage, cover crops, mulch, compost, native species incorporation, and only use of USDA Certified Organic inputs and disease/pest management.

Check out our Volunteer for Veggies Program if you’d like to get your hands in the dirt in exchange for a share of fresh, local produce harvested right on site — #V4V will be back in action in May 2020.

In 2019, more than 200 Volunteers helped grow and harvest 9,750 pounds of fresh fruits and veggies that filled our food pantry, were cooked up by Bloom Youth Project interns, sold at discounted farm stands, or went home with volunteers themselves.


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