Our organization follows the idea that we are stronger together. A big part of our work is facilitating partnerships and collaborating with local and regional organizations. Our partner organizations work in a variety of resilience areas including public health, regional economic development, food security, farm stewardship, strategic investment and more. We are bringing all these entities to the table to catalyze impact by working together.

Collaborative Initiatives

Farmers Market Support

Blaine County Food Council 

5B Resilience Gardens 

Idaho Fund for Regenerative Agriculture

Community Food System Strategic Plan 

Farm to School 

Highlighting Collaboration

Community Resilience Workshops-  In 2018, SVI launched a process for our community to collaboratively build a vision and workplan for a resilient future. Together we identified the greatest risks and opportunities related to the economic, societal and environmental changes affecting Blaine County, and developed a path forward with concrete, implementable actions.

With leading support from Blaine County, SVI interviewed more than 50 community leaders in government, nonprofit, business, and education, then gathered 100 community leaders and members at the first Community Resilience Workshop in December 2018.

Participants identified top local risks and proposed potential solutions, such as innovative capital for local housing, energy backup systems for critical infrastructure, and a local food hub for processing, storage, and distribution. In early 2019, project working groups built initial business models, and at the second workshop in March of 2019, these groups identified priority action plans. SVI and others are now guiding those solutions into existence. They fall into community priorities: local housing, green building, food, energy, regional collaboration and economic development.