Kim Pertel

I am grateful to be a Mother to two amazing kids, Samantha (11) and Johnny (8) and a philanthropist focusing my time and efforts on the health and development of our youth.

Prior to moving to the Wood River Valley, I spent countless hours in my children’s classrooms providing assistance to the teachers and students, along with running the school’s Lunch Program. For our school, the Lunch Program was the main fundraising vehicle, accounting for over 80% of the annual revenue for the school. I enjoyed leading these revenue generating efforts, while delivering locally sourced, well balanced and affordable meal options to nourish the bodies and minds of our students.

In addition to my work at the school, volunteering for Xenophon Therapeutic Riding Center was a highlight of my week for many years. I aided physically and mentally challenged young adults on an equestrian ranch, contributing to the physical, mental and emotional bond between human and horse. They gained confidence and connection through sensory games and tactile learning. These young adults left the program confident and empowered; very often experiencing horses for the first time, while overcoming  fears they never knew they had. I have served on the Board of the Stillwater Foundation since 2010. The Stillwater Foundation’s giving has supplied educational resources, contributed to youth empowerment, provided funds for medical research and promoted environmental stewardship around the globe. I have led the shift of The Stillwater Foundation to focus our efforts and resources in the Wood River Valley. I am very excited to join and grow with the Sun Valley Institute. I am committed to this Valley, to the SVI Mission and to showing up for the greater good.