Herbert Romero

Herbert Romero AKA Romero, is a mentor, cultural liaison and Operations Director of PROJECT.O.O.L.S & PARTNERS (Community Based Operation) C/O Flourish Foundation. Committed to Hispanic initiatives and community programs. He has been working with a number of organizations and individuals in the Wood River Valley since 2015. Romero founded the Hailey Hispanic Heritage Fest and Hispanic LatinUS Leadership Task Force, co- founded Neighbors Helping Neighbors with the Crisis Hotline, started a Spanish support group with NAMI, is lead mentor and life coach with I Have a Dream Foundation (Cohort l), and is co- leading a young men’s cohort (Outdoor Hispanic Leaders) with Idaho Base Camp. He defines himself as a mobilizer, advocate and collaborator. Leadership, looking out for your fellow man and contributing to your community has been his dedication. Finally he is a member of The Hunger Coalition’s Advisory Board, Kiwanis and 100 Men Who Care.