Elizabeth Funk

Founder and CEO of Dignity Capital

Elizabeth Funk is founder and CEO of Dignity Capital, a collection of Impact Investing funds and projects. She is the Senior General Partner at Dev Equity, an innovative fund providing for-profit venture-style investment funding to social enterprises in Latin America.

Elizabeth was one of the early pioneers in impact investing. She created the Dignity Fund in 2004, one of the first for-profit funds mobilizing investment capital for the Microfinance industry.

For several years she served as Chairman of the Board of Unitus, one of the world’s most innovative Microfinance accelerators. Under her watch Unitus helped over 10 million families move forward out of poverty.

Her current and past Board positions include Young President’s Organization, Uchu Spice Solutions (Ecuador), Candid Snacks (Peru), Deutsche Bank’s Global Microfinance Consortium Fund, FINCA’s Microfinance Fund, MicroPlace, Root Capital, I-Spire Ventures, Silicon Valley Microfinance Network, Glide Community Development Organization, and Ujjivan.

Prior to her career in impact investing, Elizabeth served as President and CEO of CML Global, a publicly traded investment company listed on the TSE.

Elizabeth was one of the earliest employees of Yahoo! and one of the founders of Yahoo! Shopping.

Early in her career Elizabeth served a Product Manager on the early team for Microsoft Word and was on the original founding team that created the now ubiquitous Microsoft Office.

Elizabeth holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Economics with Honors from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar.