Investing for Resilience

In addition to helping to place supportive policies into practice and to providing resources and tools to the public, a core focus of the Institute will be to mobilize capital to increase the region’s resilience. The Institute is identifying resilience gaps and working with organizations and/or businesses that can design and implement programs and projects to address those gaps.

Local nonprofits have a central role to play, both in policy design and advocacy as well as in public education and project implementation. There are dozens of local nonprofits working in areas supportive of resilience, across the sectors noted above. By identifying the region’s top priorities and supporting those organizations who can carry them out, the Institute will increase the resources flowing to nonprofit programs for resilience.

The Institute’s portfolio of for-profit investment opportunities to build resilience may include:

  • Local energy production such as community solar projects and solar generation resources for local businesses and nonprofits;
  • A fund for energy efficiency retrofits for businesses and nonprofits;
  • Joint energy and food production projects such as solar for greenhouses;
  • Local food production, processing and distribution;
  • Water use policy and conservation technologies;
  • Technology investment for greater access to communication.

For both nonprofit and for-profit investments, partners will include:

  • Impact Investor Networks
  • Investment Advisors
  • Academic Institutions
  • Local investors and philanthropists

Please contact Werner Morawitz for more information.