Food Visionary Robyn O’Brien Comes to Ketchum

Robyn O’Brien is recognized globally as one of the world’s leading food industry strategists. She was a keynote speaker at the 2019 Sun Valley Forum and returns to the Wood River Valley on Monday, March 9th, for a free community talk at the Limelight Hotel at 6:00 PM. O’Brien’s work centers on the relationship between our food system and both human and environmental health. According to O’Brien’s keynote at the Sun Valley Forum, “One in three American kids has one of the four A’s: allergies, autism, ADHD and asthma.” The connection between the toxins hidden within our current food system and the dramatic increase in disease and emergency room visits is alarming. O’Brien asks, “Are we allergic to food or what’s been done to it?” If you are interested in learning more about our food system and the impact it is having on your health, your children’s health, and our planet’s health, this is not a talk to be missed.

Locally, efforts are underway to secure a solution for the problems with the current food system. This effort is being led by the Local Food Alliance (LFA), a program of the Sun Valley Institute. LFA is building a model local food system that provides improved nutrition, supports local farmers, rural economies, and contributes to a thriving environment. 

Through diverse initiatives, LFA works to identify, develop, and facilitate effective solutions for the Wood River Valley community. Changing our food system is not a simple task. But it is critical to combat local and global challenges, including human health complications, food insecurity, environmental degradation, and climate change. To learn more about how you can be a part of the solution, visit:

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