Forging the Future in the Decade of Action

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a shared vision to rescue a planet in crisis. Reaching these goals by 2030 will take everyone coming together for action. Please join us on June 7-10 at the Argyros Theater and Limelight Hotel to forge the future together!

The United Nations has named the decade we have just started the “Decade of Action.” That is only ten short years to transform our world. For 2020, the Forum is picking up that challenge by surfacing high impact models from around the world and connecting them with resources and capital that will enable their growth and scale their impact. 

To kick off the decade of action the Forum will focus on moving ten high-leverage projects forward. In scope and scale, these projects are ambitious because that is what we need right now. Each project is set to deliver bold action and swift results and falls under our three themes of the 2020 Forum, circular economy, indigenous and nature-based solutions, and rural innovation.  From tackling the brushfire catastrophe in Australia to revolving loan financing for the deployment of rural microgrids, these are ten systems-level solutions capable of seeding global change.

Since 2015 the Sun Valley Forum has brought together leaders and innovators, trailblazers, and changemakers from across the globe. Participants and speakers come to be inspired, to build networks for impact, and to move critical initiatives forward. The Forum has a track record of accelerating solutions for a more equitable, secure, and thriving world.

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