Raise Your Voice for Idaho’s Energy Future NOW!

Join us to fight for our future. 

In response to the 2007 and 2013 megafires, increasingly erratic snowfall, notable power outages, and mounting water stress, Sun Valley Institute (SVI) was founded to turn risks into opportunities to become a resilience leader, strengthening our economy, diversifying and increasing the quality of jobs, and protecting natural resources for lasting quality of place.

Increased energy resilience is urgent: SVI conducted Idaho’s first “Solarize” solar adoption campaign in 2016, resulting in $1 million in local investment and 5 times more solar installed than the previous year. SVI has identified backup power opportunities at critical infrastructure (fire, police and medical facilities), but our energy resilience is now at risk: Idaho Power Company (IPC) filed a proposal with Idaho’s Public Utilities Commision (PUC) to cut by 50% the price IPC pays for power generated by the 4000+ solar owners. 

We applauded IPC’s recent commitment to provide 100% clean energy by 2045, but we agree with Idaho Conservation League (ICL) that, “by ending net metering and potentially lowering rates for existing solar customers, Idaho Power is making it clear that it wants to be the only one that controls that affordable, reliable clean power.” 

This effort undermines Idaho values of freedom and security, market competition and conservation: it effectively forbids individuals from generating their own power, makes our grid less resilient and kills a fast-growing economic opportunity: “Idaho’s solar industry currently employs 557 people and has invested over $645 million in the state…according to the Solar Energy Industry Association.” (ICL) This is a lose-lose-lose proposition – except for Idaho Power.

Please let regulators know your views online through Dec. 3, refer to docket IPC-E-18-15. Join public hearings by phone on Monday Dec. 2, 10am-4pm (1-800-920-7487 passcode 6674832#), or in person at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 3 at the PUC, 11331 W. Chinden Blvd., Building 8, Suite 201-A, Boise.

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