Take the $5 for Farmers Pledge

Vote with your fork and your dollar to make a big impact in our community! If each Blaine County resident spends $5 a week on locally grown foods, it will add $5.7 million each year into our local food economy. This harvest season and all year long, you can support our farmers by pledging to spend $5 a week on their farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, dried beans and grains, flour, eggs, meat, and dairy products. 

Why does $5 matter? The Local Multiplier Effect means that every dollar spent with local businesses recirculates in our local economy SEVEN times more than that of a dollar spent with a non-local business. Currently Blaine County imports more than 95 percent of our food so nearly all of our food dollars are lost to the industrial agriculture system. By supporting local farmers, we can each do our part to create a thriving economy where people are nourished by locally grown food every day. Community-based food systems strengthen rural economies, enhance the health of individuals, and promote fair labor practices, animal welfare and environmental sustainability. 

JOIN US ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2 to 6pm, at the Ketchum farmers market in the lower parking lot at River Run to kick off our $5 for Farmers campaign and celebrate the fall harvest! Shop for fresh seasonal produce and other locally produced foods and crafts, and enjoy fresh-pressed apple cider, kids’ activities, food preservation demonstrations, live music, raffle prizes, and more. Spend just $5 at the market to get a complimentary raffle ticket. Come on down, enjoy the party, and take the $5 for Farmers Pledge!

To learn more and sign the online pledge, go to 5forfarmers.com.

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