On Hope and Resilience

My mother has been teaching children about nature’s miracles and diversity for about half a century, and it is a powerful act of hope: that the next generation, and the next and the next, year after year, will bring their curious minds and empathetic hearts, and become nature’s champions throughout their lives. 

At our 5th annual Sun Valley Forum, July 23-26, 2019, hope was center stage, thanks to the always inspiring innovators and leaders pioneering and scaling strategies to build a better world, but this year especially and for the first time – thanks to the youth. The inaugural Sun Valley Youth Forum brought a tangible sense of hope and possibility, our faith in their passion and commitment to take us all forward. 

Over the several days, alongside global leaders and innovators sparking their own new partnerships and projects, high school students from across the country developed initiatives they would take home to make happen in their communities, schools and lives. We gave our youth leaders the closing session on stage and they moved us all – including me – to tears of gratitude and hope. The community they created there will sustain and inspire them well into their future, perhaps lifelong. We offer this bi-weekly platform to share a bit of what we heard then, with an essay from Vic Barrett, youth activist and student at University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

“Resilience. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. A word often used to positively characterize someone or something. A word often used to inspire the changemakers, the organizers, and the leaders. We often forget though, in our world dominated by social constructs and hierarchies, that resilience is not always grasped for or striven toward, it is necessary.”

Continue reading the full piece here: https://www.youthvgov.org/blog/resilience

Here’s to hope, and to resilience. 

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