Join Us to Build Solutions for Lasting Quality of Place

Join us on March 11, 9:30-4:30 for the second Blaine County Resilience Workshop at the Community Campus in Hailey!

Outstanding local experts, organizations and innovators – and you! – will build plans for initiatives and projects to solve local challenges that were prioritized at the first Community Resilience Workshop on December 3, including: affordable housing, transportation, food, agriculture and water, energy and economic opportunity. We look forward to taking them forward together.

Why Resilience?

At its core, resilience is the capacity to deal effectively with shocks and disruptions of all kinds. In our rapidly changing world, we face increasing risks from economic interdependence and environmental changes. The concept of resilience is receiving attention from individuals, businesses, communities, and nations around the globe.

Greensburg, Kansas exemplifies resilience. When a tornado destroyed 97% of this economically challenged community in 2007, local residents chose to rebuild at the cutting edge. By attracting green innovators and investors, Greensburg became a showcase for the conservation of energy, water and capital and is now a destination for eco-innovation tourists.

When the mining industry collapsed in Bilbao, Spain, the city successfully petitioned to become the home of a new Guggenheim Museum. City planners envisioned Bilbao as a center for arts and tourism and invested in other assets including a concert hall, library and university buildings. They initiated projects to improve the city’s transit system and walkability and Bilbao is now reinventing itself again to grow a knowledge-based creative economy.

Here in Sun Valley, where our natural assets are central to our quality of life, we are focusing on resilience to build lasting quality of place. We look forward to working with you on March 11!

Blaine County, City of Ketchum, Sun Valley Institute, and Warm Springs Consulting are sponsoring this free event including locally-sourced lunch!

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