Argyros development is on schedule

Argyros development is on schedule
Idaho Mountain Express
October, 2018
Sam Machado

With new details recently announced, the Argyros Performing Arts Center in Ketchum is on track to provide a wide variety of performing arts, beginning with a reception for lead donors on Friday, Nov. 23, and an open house for the entire community on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 24-25.

The new center will showcase local, national and international artists. Events will include drama, comedy, dance, speakers, films and educational workshops.

Margaret Hamamoto, the theater’s marketing and development director, said fundraising is now at almost 90 percent of the goal of about $15 million. She said progress toward opening the theater has been running smoothly.

“The main component right now is positioning the tension grid system, which is where all of the lighting and technology takes place on the upper level of the ceiling. That’s being installed this week,” she said. “Also, our retractable seats have reached the U.S. and they’re on their way to the theater to be installed.”

Hamamoto said there will be some fancy designing inside the theater that everyone in the community will appreciate since it fits into the aesthetics of the town.

“There’s cool modern tones as far as the finishing on the inside, but these features will be softened up with wood and the wood paneling on the outside, so that it feels comfortable,” she said.

Hamamoto also revealed what the theater has in store for its big celebration when it opens Thanksgiving weekend. There will be a private reception as well as an event that will be open for the community.

“We will host the lead founding donors reception on Friday, Nov. 23,” she said.

The following two days on Nov. 24 and Nov. 25 will be a community open house.

“We’re planning two days of events to welcome the community into the venue and allow everyone to experience The Argyros,” she said. “There will be various performers from the Wood River Valley who either live here now or have lived here in the past, and an opportunity for people to take tours and experience the theater in various forms.”

The plan is to allow different organizations in the community to use the theater. Hamamoto said audiences will have a lot to look forward to once the new season is announced.

“We have a wide variety of artists already scheduled and the season is constantly changing as far as who we’re booking,” she said. “And other arts organizations who have already committed to holding their events are the symphony, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, the opera, the Sun Valley Film Festival, the Wellness Institute and Sun Valley Institute.”

There might even be some surprises in store as audiences will have the opportunity to witness moments they’ve never seen before.

“I think it’s going to be a phenomenal addition to the community. We’re so excited to be able to now provide a year-round entertainment facility that will be able to host arts organizations as well as our own presentations and allow the community to experience a wide variety of talent and exposure to different cultural things that they have in the past,” Hamamoto said.

Hamamoto said she’s thankful to everyone who’s been helping the theater set up and she can’t wait to see the success it builds when it opens for the public.

“The founding donors have been phenomenal in their support,” she said. “We look forward to inviting the public to support us with our public campaign that will be beginning in a month or so. Everybody who’s been part of the project has been enthusiastic, and we see the potential of what it’s going to be able to bring the community for years to come.”

It was announced in August that Douglas C. Rankin would be the theater’s executive director. Rankin was the founding president of the Irvine Barclay Theatre in Irvine, Calif., where he created a program in music, dance and world events.

The board of directors at The Argyros includes Chairman Bill Lowe and Vice Chairman Tim Mott.

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