SVI Newsletter September 2017

Greetings! Here is SVI’s Autumn News & Events 2017 Newsletter, as a pdf. The links aren’t active, so each item is being listed below in a more interactive way.

SVI Autumn News & Events


As we wrap up our summer in beautiful Idaho, we’re reminded of the risks we are committed to addressing. The final summer weeks in this mountain paradise were tarnished by sky-darkening and health-endangering smoke coming from the dozens of fires in Idaho and neighboring states. Idaho was given a D+ by Climate Central in its “States and Climate Risk” report, both due to the intensity of risks the state faces, such as drought and fires, but also as a result of the lack of preparedness of our state to deal with these. Far beyond our home, hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the deadly floods in Bangladesh and throughout Southeast Asia wreaked devastation. Climate scientists warned us for decades of more and worse fires, hurricanes and floods to come. We have not acted fast enough to avoid the destruction we are seeing today, but we can still prevent the worst impact of a changing climate and reduce the suffering to come if we act faster and at scale.

Not only do we need to act; it is easiest and most enjoyable when we do it with inspiration and in community. Toward that end, we look forward to deepening the seeds of action that we planted at our most recent events: the Building Fire Resilient Communities conference in June, the Sun Valley Forum on Resilience in July, and the wrap up of our electric vehicle RevUp Blaine project. We have initial summaries below; we’ll be sharing more and encouraging involvement as we develop the initiatives created there. Speaking of harvesting seeds, the Local Food Alliance, the food program of the Institute, has fantastic events slated for this week! Do buy tickets before they sell out!

Farther afield, SVI will host gatherings to continue to inform and inspire our resilience community, starting with An Evening of Climate Optimism: Building Resilient Prosperity – How Public Leadership and Private Innovation are Transforming Risk into Opportunity in New York City on 9/20. We’ll be alerting you to more gatherings to come.

Finally, we’d love to share with you more about what we do, and meet you, to get to know more of our community. Please join us at one of our Discover the Vision events this autumn. We are glad to be together on this journey. For all of the above, please click on the links and see below for more information. Best wishes for a good, heartwarming and actionable Autumn!Anchor